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Self defense & Survival for travellers

How well are you prepared when things go wrong?

You can be a pro in Karate, Jiu Jitsu or Boxing, it will not help you in the outside world where people don't follow rules or certain styles. That is why self defense is not the same as martial arts. It is about training yourself to handle personal threats as efficiënt as possible. Your savety comes first.
The techniques that are practised in this training are personally tested and proven in real-life situations.

Besides selfdefense we practise survival techniques like making fire, robe climbing on trees and rocks, building shelter, setting traps and moving over obstacles with parkour techniques.

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We offer this training every 14 days on saturday and sunday.
You can choose to participate on only one day for 4 hours.

It is also possible to stay on location using an accomodation including a private toilet, shower, little kitchen and a living-and-sleeping room.
For a more outdoor experience our ground can be used for eco camping.
Foods and drinks can be arranged.

More information or enroll straight away? Contact us!

Costs for one day and one person: €70,- with a cost minimum of 4 people.
More days, staying overnight, food and drinks in consultation.

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