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"Playing outside in a place that offers peace, freedom and nature. All on our terrain, with our facilities and under the supervision of a watchfull eye."

Get away from your screen and test yourself in the open air.
A party by Johanns Outdoor is an active day with activities such as raft building, wall or tree climbing, trying to cross the canal with a rope bridge, taking obstacles and making a fire to bake your own survival bread with sausages.
Experience the adventure in the fresh air of the countryside of south east Groningen!

Always take some extra clothes with you... Not many manage to stay dry.

Of course there will be a guide present at all times who offers help where needed and takes care of the savety of you and your child(ren).
Costs: €11,50 p.p. (minimum costs of 7 people)
Duration: 3 hours

Johanns Outdoor


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