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"Use my terrain to learn how to defend yourself, to survive and to get fit in a natural way."

Personal training in Fitness and Wellness, in our fitness area or at your home!
Achieve your goals with a presonalised program which suits you.

All with the knowledge of Johanns long-standing expertise as martial arts and fitness trainer. He can help you to learn how to train yourself in the most efficient way to, for example, improve your strength, lose or gain weight, enhance your flexibility and to prepare yourself for competitions and bootcamps.

It does not get more personal than this!

Selfdefense and Survival techniques which have been tested personally in the outside world and have proven their value. It is better to be well prepared when all is good than to be unprepared when things go wrong.

Look here for training to prepare yourself for travel.

Training for your mental health and flexibility in the form of Meditation, Qi-gong, Tai Chi and Yoga exercises. Slow down the aging process with exercises you can do here and at home.

Use our terrain and facilities with Kids parties, Eco camping or just as a Meeting place for you and your friends, family, colleagues and everyone who is interested. Knock yourself out in this peaceful, rural area with the possibility to do lots of activities, both in- and outdoors!!

Want to go wild or unwind in peace? You are welcome in our gueststay!
For a better outdoor experience you can put your camper or tent up on our eco-campingground.
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Contact us for more information about our trainings and what we can offer to suit your wishes.

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